Adult Programming

We are currently developing our programs and are particularly interested in suggestions on what our customers would like.  Please contact us with your suggestions and requests by e-mail at

Per Class Fee: $12 per class

Saturday Morning Adult Clinic Fee: $15/morning

Rainouts Will Be Rescheduled

For more information on the Adult Tennis Program and to register,

please contact Tennis Director, Dave Porter at (352) 262-4905.

Advanced Registration is Required

Adult Beginner Evening Clinics

These clinics are intended for the newcomers to tennis. Learn the FUNdamentals of tennis in a relaxed atmosphere. Bring a friend or significant other to add to the fun.

We also offer a Family Class!

Intermediate Clinics

(For 3.0 to 3.5 Level Players)

These clinics are designed for adults interested in honing their

technique, consistency, and control through specific drills and games. 

Courts will be divided by ability level.

Advanced Level Clinics

(For 4.0+ Level Players)

These clinics focus on stroke fundamentals, shot selection,

as well as singles and doubles strategies.  Specific drills and games are

designed to improve skills as well as provide a good workout.

Adult Cardio Clinics

If you are looking for a great new way to burn calories, try Cardio Tennis!

An entertaining group clinic that provides players of all levels

an exciting, high-energy workout.

Saturday Morning Adult Clinic

(For Intermediate Level Players)

These clinics are a combination of drills, games and match-play. 

During match-play players will be divided by ability level.

Day and Time

Saturday 9:00 am - 12:00 am  

(3 hour class!)

Scholarship opportunities are available. Please contact the

front desk for more info.