Private Lessons
Private lessons or semi-private lessons are available from our USPTA certified Tennis Professionals.  Private lesson times and fees are arranged on an individual basis. Please visit our Staff page for contact information.

Scheduling a Lesson

1.Contact our Staff directly.

2.Call in or email the times you are looking for. Subject to availability.

                 The earlier you contact us the better.

3.We will confirm via email or phone.

There are numerous benefits in having a Private Lesson:

•One on One attention

•Convenience of scheduling

•Customized training based specifically for you

•Improve faster

•Learn at your own pace

Private lessons are typically more expensive and for good reason.  A coach has the ability to advance his or her students at a much faster rate with drill specific exercises.  A student and coach can focus an a specific stroke without interruption and can learn at their own pace much better than in a group setting.  Private lessons are also good for the intermediate or advanced player just looking to hit a ball and have a good workout.  Our coaches are more than qualified to help you hit with more topspin or work on your crosscourts and down the lines.  See you out on the courts!


Private Lessons

For more info: (352) 331-9558